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Pasquale Scerbo Sarro was born in 1967 and he grew up in the small town of Nicotera, in southern Italy, very close to the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

He is holding an architectural degree. Since then he is gaining working practice in Italy and Germany. During his university studies, he expanded the passion for graphics and photography.

The swap from making architecture to photography was a natural transition: an excellent knowledge of perspective, composition, proportion and details are also the main activities for a photographer.

The focal points of Scerbo Sarro are interior and exterior architecture, reportages, portraits and fashion pictures.

Since March 2009 he is based in Berlin.
Pasquale Scerbo Sarro


German mobile
+49 176 78 58 29 70

Italian mobile
+39 329 62 35 521

Pasquale Scerbo Sarro

+49 176 78 58 29 70


VAT (Ust.-ID-Nr.)
DE 282636501

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